What is an advertisement

The definition of advertisement is mainly to disseminate information to the world widely, and to disseminate corporate information, products and services to the world for business purposes is called advertisement. In English, it is called Advertisement, and in Japan it is also called Ad or Ad.
Televisions, newspapers, websites, billboard advertisements, etc. are used as media for delivering advertisements, and by investing in them and advertising, it is possible to elicit interest and purchasing motivation from a certain consumer or user group. I can do it. In addition, there is an advertising agency to mediate between the advertiser who requests this advertisement and the medium / media where it is posted. There are different types of advertising agencies, such as general advertising agencies that handle various types of advertising space, and specialized advertising agencies that specialize in specialized industries and slots and handle advertising space, and work only as an intermediary. Rather, the content is wide-ranging, such as producing advertisements at the request of the advertiser's company.

The difference between advertising and marketing

Also, although it is often perceived as the same as marketing, advertising is one of the marketing methods, and marketing is not equal advertising. In marketing, we manage all sales-related movements, such as product / service development, sales strategy formulation, and advertising result measurement. Advertising, on the other hand, is one of the advertising strategies that is incorporated into marketing strategies and is part of information activities in sales.

Advertisement type

There are three main categories of advertisements launched by advertising agencies: mass advertisements, Internet / Web advertisements, and sales promotion (SP) advertisements.
In this article, I will explain a total of 11 types of advertisements that are divided into 3 categories. After explaining the outline of each advertising method, recommended materials are posted for each advertising method. You can download the materials for free, so please use them as reference materials.

Advertisement type

[Mass advertising] TV advertising
Newspaper advertisement
Radio advertising

[Internet / Web Advertising] Banner ads
Video ads
Listing advertisement
Native advertising
App ads

[Sales Promotion (SP) Advertising] DM advertising
Insert flyer advertisement
Event promotion