Initiatives for the future by k-art-factory

For a bright future

In 1996, when our company started, the Internet was just beginning in Japan, but the line speed became faster, the expressible content became deeper, and new devices such as smartphones appeared and they grew at a faster speed. I will continue.

The innovations and R & D we have been watching in recent years are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. AR / VR, which can experience dementia developed at the request of the Ibaraki Prefectural Occupational Therapists Association in 2018, was a new attempt for our company. The AR initiative made the Ushiku City characters AR in 2012. Future AR and VR initiatives will also consider using new devices and different situations.

In addition to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, our other activities include research on IOT, (internet of things), smartphone applications, AI using python, and research on deep learning. All of these initiatives, of course, change over time. You have no choice but to keep pursuing like a mirage. Nevertheless, we continue to run positively. Believe there is a bright future