Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality

About AR

AR is an abbreviation for "Augmented Reality" and is generally translated as "Augmented Reality". By superimposing virtual visual information on an existing landscape, the world in front of us is "virtually expanded".

AR use case

AR contributes to the shortage of human resources in each industry Labor shortages have become a serious social problem in Japan.

Therefore, improving operational efficiency using IT is an essential issue.

Work instructions and work assistance by AR are especially effective in increasing the strength of unskilled workers. The movement to cover the labor shortage with the power of IT can be seen in the increasing use of AR for business, especially in the construction and logistics industries.

Also, with the advancement of full-scale foreign human resources, the evolution of simultaneous translation technology and AR technology has made it possible to give work instructions in the native language, which is not a huge change. Is it?

AR utilization examples in the distribution / transportation / logistics industry

One of the fields where AR is being used in actual business is the distribution and transportation industry.
Picking work to select applicable products according to slips and instructions in the warehouse requires accuracy and speed, but it was also a field where there were many mistakes and mistakes.
Work instructions by AR have greatly improved this situation, but the main reason for its widespread use was the practical application of AR glasses. Of course, the efficiency of barcode readers has been improved, but it can be said that AR technology, which allows both hands to be free and also plays the role of a barcode reader just by looking at each other, was truly innovative.

AR utilization example in the medical industry

Another major area of ??use for AR is simulation. The major application field of AR simulation utilization is the medical field. Surgical simulation using VR is as introduced before, but new solutions that support the surgical process with AR are appearing. Currently, fluorescence imaging using a pigment called ICG (indocyanine green) is used for blood flow observation during surgery, but due to the use of a far-infrared camera, it becomes a monochrome image, and the surrounding organs The situation was difficult to grasp. By using this in combination with AR technology, it has become possible to AR-synthesize the image during surgery and the image of blood flow in the patient's blood vessel obtained from ICG and display it on an extremely clear display. The color can be freely changed as needed, helping to reduce the likelihood of damage or obstruction of surrounding perforators (small arteries in the brain) and small blood vessels.

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About VR

VR is an abbreviation for "Virtual Reality" and is translated as "artificial reality" or "virtual reality". This includes the meaning of "not real on the surface, but in essence," and indicates that VR "provides an experience that is as close to real experience as possible." It means that the real experience you get through VR feels as if it were real.

VR use case

Utilization in the medical field Johnson & Johnson Co., Ltd. (J & J) has announced VR training on atrial fibrillation surgery in Japan. It is said that the purpose of this training is to contribute to the increase of doctors in cardiac surgery, which lacks specialists.

In this VR training, by wearing special VR goggles, you can have a simulated experience as if you were standing right next to the scene where a well-known doctor is operating.

Since you can learn what kind of movements a well-known doctor is doing during surgery with narration in 3D space, you can learn movements that are closer to actual surgery more accurately than normal training.

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