We perform a wide range of shooting work and editing from general shooting to special shooting, still images to video images.

make a still photograph

We will have a meeting with the customer such as landscape photos, product photos, portrait photos, etc., and after making a preliminary inspection, we will calculate the quotation and present the quotation.
Specifications Since the content and amount of money will change depending on the application, sufficient discussion is required.

Video production

We will discuss the specifications and applications thoroughly, and of course, after conducting a sufficient preliminary inspection, we will calculate the quotation and present the quotation.
Youtube movie creation, movies to be pasted on the web, movies used for presentations, background movies, promotional movies, wedding movies, recital movies, document movies, etc.

Video editing

If the details of the movie story have been decided by the customer, materials such as storyboards are required. At that time, no planning fee will be charged, but if the details have not been decided, a standard fee will be charged.
Of course, after a firm meeting, we will calculate the man-hours and submit an estimate.
In particular, special editing (CG processing) will be quoted separately.

360 degree shooting / editing

It will be a 360 degree shooting. For 360-degree videos, you can see your favorite direction just by clicking the screen.
You can create dramatic images such as the interior of a large building or a vast tourist spot.
The contents include simulated experience content, entertainment content music PV, sports content, virtual exhibitions, theme park introductions, etc.

Drone video

The image will be significantly different from general images such as shooting in the sky at a high position and images in reality with a sense of speed.
For example, it is possible to shoot images running in parallel with the subject, powerful shooting in low airspace, and smooth and seamless shooting without using rails or cranes.
The contents include a dynamic facility introduction video, a moving vehicle shot from an exquisite angle, and a slightly different portrait shot.