Paper medium

The position of print advertising in the media seems to be still a vibrant medium. After all, company brochures, leaflets, and business cards can still be the face of the company. We do not measure the advertising effectiveness of printed matter in paper media, so customers who use cross-media advertising methods in collaboration with the WEB are the mainstream. The accompaniment of customers who can see print advertisements is a standard, but the first is AIDMA.

● AIDMA's Law Roland Hall (see)

Nowadays, it is becoming AISAS. It is recommended that you incorporate paper media as one of the parts of the print advertising strategy that carefully looks at the way of advertising in each era from the way of printed matter of mass advertising in the old days into your strategy.

Printed matter production flow

1,Inquiries about printed matter from customers

Customers will be asked to "phone," "fax," "email," or "visit" and make "inquiries." (Please feel free to contact us for free consultation.)

2,Contact us back

Our sales staff will contact you shortly.

3,We will listen to your requests and opinions regarding the printed matter we produce.

We will also ask you about "confirmation of the current printed matter", "purpose of print production", "use", "print image", etc. necessary for production.


We will prepare and submit a quotation based on the contents of your inquiry.

5,Orders and contracts

If you approve, you will be asked to formally order printing.After ordering, you will be asked to prepare the printed manuscript.
Also, at this time, a rough price will be decided.

6,Creation and proofreading

Our designer will print and submit the proof.* Proofreading means checking that the created block copy is correct.

7,Drafting and printing

After school, we will do plate making work, printing, and finishing. The design becomes the product.


We will deliver the finished printed matter to our customers.

Printed product

Pamphlets, leaflets, posters, business cards, labels, envelopes, direct mail, T-shirts

Estimated price of printed matter

Pamphlet printing example

A4, 8 pages, 1000 copies, CMYK color, coated paper 135Kg

Leaflet printing example

A4,Traditional Chinese bookbinding, 1000 copies, CMYK color, matte paper 95Kg

Example of printed matter of one-color leaflet

A4,One side, 400 copies, color black only, coated paper 75 kg