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We accept corporate training

Nowadays, desk work on PCs is becoming commonplace in every company. However, there are many places that have not been fully utilized.

For example
There are only a few people who can use Excel and Word.
Business is concentrated on people who can use PCs
I bought it, but it hasn't been used.
I don't know if the data I created is wrong or correct.

Even if you're not the perfect professional, don't you need the skills to get the job done?
When it comes to corporate training, I get the impression that the threshold is high and the results are vague.
I remember it right after the training, but after a few months I forget it.
I often hear that.
Normally, regular training is the most desirable.
We can make proposals at the lowest possible cost.

For example, the flow of in-house training

First of all, we will conduct a solid hearing.
I would like to ask you about the problems that your company is currently having trouble with.
In the work, we will assemble the lesson by referring to the sample of the documents that we always use.
At that time, we will introduce textbooks that you can study by yourself.

I will tell you the actual training content.

If there are no problems, we will start the training.

After the training, we will test your comprehension. * (For multiple training sessions)
If the degree of understanding is 70% or less, the price will be reduced. Speaking of in-house training flow

Training results

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