smart phone application

The concept design centered on the user experience and the development method cultivated through many construction achievements make it possible to implement applications that can be used continuously. From a UX / CX perspective, we provide consistent support from consulting to design, development, and support. In application development, it is important to share UX / UI awareness at the design stage. The scrap and build method by prototyping speedily shapes the customer's image. And, by utilizing the consulting and planning proposal capabilities that we have cultivated since our founding, we will support the development of applications that will surely produce results in your business from the planning stage.

Application development process

In application development, prototypes (mockups) are prepared from the initial stage of planning and design. While brushing up usability and design together with our customers, we develop applications with optimal UI / UX.

1. Research planning

Based on customer requests, we carry out quantitative analysis such as access analysis, qualitative analysis such as competitive research, user questionnaires, and usability tests, and research the target needs of the service we should aim for. Based on the analysis results, the user experience of the application is summarized, and the application policy and necessary functions are formulated. Share your requirements with project members.

2. UI design / prototyping

Based on the user experience and service functions defined in the planning, we will design the screen flow of the entire application and the UI design of each screen. We also conducted prototype tests at an early stage. While promoting image sharing among project members, we will shape the ideal UI with a scrap and build method.

3. Design

When building a design, we will consider a UI that verifies the behavior patterns of devices and users. While considering the information to be displayed and usability, carefully consider the screen design that takes into consideration the usability for the user. In addition, we invite our customers to participate in the discussions and create a "ideal form of service" in line with KPIs.

4. Development / Development

From native applications to hybrid applications that partially incorporate HTM5 + CSS + JavaScript web applications, we choose the development platform that best fits your budget and characteristics.

5. Project management / quality control

Use cloud project management tools for customer communication and task management. We promise smooth project management through real-time and close communication. In addition, verification work, which is one of the most important elements in an application, is carried out with various terminals and OS versions.