Web site work content

That meet the needs of our customers

What we are most concerned about when creating a website is to communicate well and bring it close to what the customer is satisfied with


We will propose a production that can be done in the shortest course that suits cost effectiveness and purpose.

Planning and operation

Based on homepage consulting, we will propose how to advertise and how to operate.


We propose the theme of accurately communicating the style of the brand to users.

Market research

By investigating accurate marketing, you can place accurate advertisements.


We propose not only the homepage but also coordination with other media.

Text input / processing / editing / coverage / shooting

We can rewrite handwritten manuscripts into text, collect materials, take pictures, and edit.

Homepage creation

We will create the site based on careful meetings.

access analysis

It reports on the homepage access status and the number of prefectures that have been accessed.

Update support

We will support updates with a view to introducing CMS and blogs.

Homepage renewal

Would you like to consider reviewing with customers who currently have a homepage?

Production flow

1. Meeting

Whether it's a homepage or printed matter, you must first clarify "what to launch," "what kind of result," and "how much it will cost." Of course, it does not mean that the production will start in one meeting. Through several meetings, we will also look at your company's materials. Among them, there is a possibility that some product photos and other materials may be insufficient.

2. Rough sample production

Rough samples and proposals, site composition charts, and in some cases, may be uploaded on the WEB. At this stage, we will incorporate the customer's request more concretely.

3. Collection of materials

We will shoot and interview, check the design, proofread the text, check the consistency with the keywords on the premise of SEO and the keywords on each page.Up to this stage, we are still in the stage of collecting materials.

4, production start

Production will start when all the materials are ready. I will sign a contract here.

5, production finished

The production is finished and the site will be uploaded. Please check with the customer.

6, delivery

If the uploaded is okay, we will deliver the specifications and backup. (Please make a deposit here)

7. After service

We accept corrections up to one month after delivery. (Customers who are also asked to update will update and correct every month)


About Price

Basically, we will listen carefully and aim for production that fits the customer's budget as much as possible. But it's not just about lowering costs. Lower costs can reduce the amount of work you have to do. Therefore, there are some things that cannot be avoided depending on the requirements. For example, if you don't spend money on photos on food websites, you won't be able to convey the deliciousness. And vice versa, in general, every company has a budget for advertising and advertising, and it is basically impossible to set a price that ignores that budget. At k-art-factory, it is assumed that the production will be done at a price that matches both of them.

Approximate estimate form Please fill out the form below to get an estimate. However, it is only a rough estimate of the proper price. Actually, it is not the amount of money, but it should be used as a guide because it depends on the customer's circumstances and budget.

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